Hoj’s unique and eclectic blend of house and techno are bringing him to the forefront. He gets bored easily, and he doesn’t really like rules. He just likes music, and he keeps his eyes and ears wide open … deriving inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.

Hoj’s unique and eclectic blend of house and techno are bringing him to the forefront. From his bicoastal roots split between New York City and San Francisco, to his travels around the world for events at the top EDM venues and events, to his residency with listed Productions, Hoj is a rising force with a distinct sound that is gaining momentum. His is a distinct sound that draws from a hugely diverse range of musical influences including everything from dance to rock to hip hop. He derives inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, taking his blend of tech-house and techno to crowds and gaining the attention of some of the top DJs in the world.

Hoj grew up in the underground San Francisco dance music community, getting an early education in the culture. In 1998 he hung up his sneakers and started DJ’ing. Over the years Hoj has toured across the US and abroad. He was a founding member of the Opulent Temple, the largest sound camp at the Burning Man Festival, and he returns to play there annually. And he has enjoyed privileged spots alongside some of the worlds greatest djs including John Digweed, Carl Cox, Lee Burridge, Deep Dish, Steve Lawler, Hernan Cattaneo, Armin Van Buuren, and many more.

In 2008, Hoj took his San Francisco dance music roots to New York City. His previous residencies and affiliations with Opel Productions, Spundae, and Looq Records keep him a truly bi-coastal citizen, and his current residency with listed Productions keeps him busy. Since his relocation he has toured the country and the world, continuing to play alongside the world’s top talent across the US, South America, Central America, French Polynesia, and more. In addition, he has played premiere events at the BPM Festival in Mexico as well as the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

On the production side, Hoj is half of The Decorators, which have releases on Looq Records. His newest production project, called “Tramp”, keeps him busy tinkering away in the studio when he’s not on the road.

He has an undeniable ability to craft a musical journey that transports dance floors to uniquely memorable places. He is able to build a unique relationship with the crowd, a dialogue in which both DJ and dance floor feed off each other. And with that relationship comes the vibe.

Hoj has established himself and his unique style. Although he doesn’t have the attention span to conform to a specific genre, his sound is distinct. His sets are always fresh and surprising … and the vibe is always there. No rules, just music.

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