• EPISODE 05: Afterhours On Orchard

    Posted by hoj on August 17, 2010

    Afterhours on Orchard is the next installment of my Afterhours series. The Afterhours at the Villa mix was so much fun to do, and it still takes me back to that legendary afterhours at the Villa Hermosa in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. This new one, Afterhours on Orchard, is inspired by underground affairs in the Lower East Side of NYC. It’s drenched with floating vocals and filtered melodies. Enjoy!

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    “Turn the lights real low, as we go deep into underground house with listed resident, Hoj. The setting is NYC after-hours. Classy, picture perfect frequencies have been selected for the dancers who have made it to the next level. The flow is druggy and is fueled by a low end that begs to get lost in. It’s a in the moment kind of set – you really have to imagine the dark space and the many hours you’ve already danced away. It’s just the right blend of atmospheric pleasure and dance groove. In an ambitious way, I describe Hoj’s sound as heady, acoustically acidic, elementally fluid with a ultra modern organic flair and sneaky undertones. Not to mention all said, wrapped up effortlessly. “

    - Joshua Anthony from GenXGlow

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